February 28, 2020 @ REDCAT, Los Angeles, CA

Music of what happens is a text folio collaging improvisation and folk materials, performed by Cassia Streb, Cody Putman, Jessika Kenney, Laura Steenberge, and Mustafa Walker.

Listen here

January 12th, 2020, Human Resources, Los Angeles

SHEENED is a new musical piece by Cody Putman for cellos, contrabasses, and whirly tubes. Dustin Wong and Takako Minekawa present a beautiful and colorful menagerie of kaleidoscopic-pop, spells, and patterns. Gemma Godfrey presents new songs and hexes for vocal loops, electric guitar drones, and feedback.

Visuals by Peter Nichols

October 22nd, 2019, Human Resources, Los Angeles

Lucie Vítková, Marta Tiesenga, and Cody Putman

Watch performance of Balloon Piece here

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